Breast Augmentation Can Do Wonders

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic plastic surgery performed by plastic surgeons. It enhances the texture, posture, size and shape of the women’s breasts. It is performed on women who desire certain looks on their breasts, body building women and as a corrective measure to congenital breast defects that arise through removal of parts of the breast affected by cancer. Patients visiting their preferred plastic surgeon are guaranteed to get of all these services. Some women know them by simple names such as; breast lift, breast enlargement, breast equalization and breast perkiness improvement.

At local breast augmentation clinics, the plastic surgeons ensure that patient receives desirable results. The patients bare the mental picture of the desired result offering a score card to the surgeon’s implementation. For example, a patient on her first visit to Breast Augmentation San Diego ( is received and allowed to meet a plastic surgeon. The surgeon starts by a data acquisition procedure where the patient is interviewed. Patient’s answers obtained from the interview give information concerning her desire to undergo the Augmentation and the expectation after the process.

The next stage is assessment of data collected. The plastic surgeon compares the present state of the breasts and the desired results as described by the patient. It gives a rough idea of the procedure required to achieve the; results, time requires and charges it will attract. The patient is then given the details and if she ascertains her willingness to undergo the surgery, it is started immediately. Most surgeries take between two to three hours. Always remember that patients views are valued and they are always ready to listen discuss and advise.

The actual surgery process starts by taking the patient to a surgical suite then discussing the appropriate anesthesia with the patient. The anesthesia is chosen based on the medical history of the patient. After it has taken effect, the back of the breast is slit to allow for the modifying implant. The implant is carefully placed to gives the breast the desired shape. After the implant’s placement, her skin is stitched back. Other alternatives include addition of a skin flap harvested from another woman’s tissue. In cases of correction of congenital breast defects surgeons at clinics performs a shape initiation surgery that starts the process of reconstructing the chest region of the affected breast. Follow up is contacted on patients to ensure that the correction done lasts. They allow them to visit the centre back in case of any unusual symptoms.