Is Tattoo Removal Now Considered to Be a Plastic Surgery Procedure?

If you have paid attention to the growing industry of tattoo removal, you have probably noticed that more plastic surgeons are starting to offer this procedure. While it is not considered a “surgery” by any means as it is done using lasers, many have recommended using a board certified surgeon for the procedure over visiting a “verified” clinic. It’s not that other clinics with certified technicians will do a bad job, but it’s as the old cliché goes, you get what you pay for. When you’re dealing with something that may affect your health, it’s always in your best interest to pay a little bit more to make sure you have the best care and staff around. There are far too many horror stories of people trying to take save money only to end up spending double trying to fix what was done wrong the first time around.

There are many pros and cons to visiting a plastic surgeon to get your tattoo removed. First, you’re going to get a better result. Why? Because cosmetic surgeons have spent their entire lives making other people look better. Day in and day out, they are always working to enhance someone’s beauty. Simply put, they are experts at this. Thus, they know what to do to give you the best results. Whether it may allow you to walk away with minimal scarring or paying extra attention to detail throughout the process, you end up getting results that you are satisfied with. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most, that you’re happy with what you have paid for.

Putting results aside, it’s also important to keep in mind the level of care you will receive. Plastic surgeons are always held to a high standard. Thus, their staff goes the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable and pain-free. Obviously, the downside of all of this is you will most likely pay more since it’s not just a general clinic. However, I can guarantee you it will be worth every penny. I have seen some of the before and after images of those who did not go to a board certified surgeon, and let me tell you, it was not pretty!

I had the chance to speak to Dr. Chris Khorsandi, who is a world renown surgeon. He is known for the tremendous work he does on more complicated procedures. He has most recently expanded his practice to provide tattoo removal in Las Vegas. He noticed that there were no surgeons in the area to offer this, and slowly, people are turning to his clinic to make sure they get taken care of properly. If you search in your area, you probably will notice that more plastic surgeons are adding tattoo removal to the list of procedures they offer. So, the question remains, is removing a tattoo considered plastic surgery?

In my opinion, no. The procedure is not surgery in itself. It doesn’t require any sedation, and in most cases aspirin will be more than enough to withstand any pain you may endure. In fact, removing a tattoo is less painful than getting a tattoo.

So while this procedure is not considered cosmetic surgery, I would still highly recommend using a surgeon to take care of it for you. The attention to detail and experience in the field is going to pay off for visiting a clinic with a technician that just graduated from high school.  Be smart. I encourage you to do your research and make the right choice. After all, it’s your body, treat it right.

Dr. Placik Named One of the Top Breast Augmentation Surgeons in Chicago


For multiple years in a row, Chicago Breast Enlargement surgeon Dr. Otto Placik, has been named one of the top in Chicago. This doesn’t come to a surprise as he has been able to provide some fantastic results to women not only locally but across the US. Every year, Dr. Placik provides plastic surgery solutions for hundreds of women that travel to Chicago to get his expert consultation and services. It’s his extra care and passion for his work which allows him to provide such excellent results. In addition, he provides all of his procedures and reasonable costs.

In order to be considered one of the best, not only do you have to perform a certain amount of procedures each and every year, but you have to make sure you continuously get satisfied patients who recommend your services to their friends. It’s become a standard that when people are not happy with one of their body parts, they tend to go see Dr. Placik. He’s truly a magician with his work and provides easily the best results his patients have ever seen.

The health industry, namely the cosmetic surgery industry, is always growing and advancing. Each year, several companies release new products and technologies to be applied to a surgeons practice.  In order to be named one of the top, you have to continue evolving with the times. Dr. Placik says, “As new technologies and ideologies are constantly presented, we have to make sure that they are thoroughly tested to provide the best possible outcome for our patients.” With news released everyday, patients are constantly reading and being informed about all of these new things. They then into a surgeon’s office expecting to get the latest and greatest one step fixes all method, but it just doesn’t work like that. You have to find an honest and reliable surgeon who is not out there to make a “quick buck” but is out there and is aware of your needs and concerns.

If you read Dr. Placik’s reviews, you’ll notice that he follows the standard of actually caring about a patient. Almost all of them mention how he is very informative and extremely helpful throughout any procedure they went through. Whether it was a labiaplasty or a breast augmentation, Dr. Placik has the care and the knowledge to ensure that you feel safe, and also happy with the results.

If you’re interested in talking to Dr. Placik directly, please be sure to call him: (312) 787-5313

Breast Augmentation Can Do Wonders

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic plastic surgery performed by plastic surgeons. It enhances the texture, posture, size and shape of the women’s breasts. It is performed on women who desire certain looks on their breasts, body building women and as a corrective measure to congenital breast defects that arise through removal of parts of the breast affected by cancer. Patients visiting their preferred plastic surgeon are guaranteed to get of all these services. Some women know them by simple names such as; breast lift, breast enlargement, breast equalization and breast perkiness improvement.

At local breast augmentation clinics, the plastic surgeons ensure that patient receives desirable results. The patients bare the mental picture of the desired result offering a score card to the surgeon’s implementation. For example, a patient on her first visit to Breast Augmentation San Diego ( is received and allowed to meet a plastic surgeon. The surgeon starts by a data acquisition procedure where the patient is interviewed. Patient’s answers obtained from the interview give information concerning her desire to undergo the Augmentation and the expectation after the process.

The next stage is assessment of data collected. The plastic surgeon compares the present state of the breasts and the desired results as described by the patient. It gives a rough idea of the procedure required to achieve the; results, time requires and charges it will attract. The patient is then given the details and if she ascertains her willingness to undergo the surgery, it is started immediately. Most surgeries take between two to three hours. Always remember that patients views are valued and they are always ready to listen discuss and advise.

The actual surgery process starts by taking the patient to a surgical suite then discussing the appropriate anesthesia with the patient. The anesthesia is chosen based on the medical history of the patient. After it has taken effect, the back of the breast is slit to allow for the modifying implant. The implant is carefully placed to gives the breast the desired shape. After the implant’s placement, her skin is stitched back. Other alternatives include addition of a skin flap harvested from another woman’s tissue. In cases of correction of congenital breast defects surgeons at clinics performs a shape initiation surgery that starts the process of reconstructing the chest region of the affected breast. Follow up is contacted on patients to ensure that the correction done lasts. They allow them to visit the centre back in case of any unusual symptoms.


The Perfect Answers as to How You Know if You Need a Breast Implant Revision

Revision breast augmentation refers to a medical procedure done through surgery that replace or removes breast implants which have been placed during breast implantation. Most people are fascinated by the results of breast augmentation and forget that these results change over time. This implies that an individual with breast implants should have plans of having future visits to the plastic surgeon. The procedure can be indicated as a patient’s personal choice or by medical reasons.

Most individuals with these implants ask this question, “How do you know if you need a breast implant revision?” A lot of people do not have the answers to this question. There are various reasons as to why an individual may opt or go for breast implant revision. In fact, surgeons in Florida have received an increase of inquiries of breast revision according to It is at times performed to change the type or size of the implant. Correction of any complication that may result from the primary breast augmentation may call for breast implant revision. Out of personal interests most patients ask for breast implant revision in order to restore the youthful breast appearance and contour. There are times when one needs to consider breast revision mostly when there are complications it can be the only choice. Some of these reasons include:

Capsular contracture

This is a complication that is common in breast augmentation. It is the manner in which the body reacts to foreign materials. The complication is considered operational, once formation of scar tissue around the implant is in excess. Once this happens, there is a feeling of tightness due to breast hardening. Unnatural round and potential pain are other effects of capsular contracture. When this happen breast revision is the solution to it.

Implant rupture or deflation

Rupture occurs when the material of implant starts leaking. The liquid or the gel leaks out leaving the implant deflated. This may be as a result of breakage of the implant shell, damaged or unsealed valve. The patient can be able to diagnose rupture or deflation. This is because when the saline implants rupture the breast loose shape and size. It is something that she can observe and visit the medical specialist. Under or overfilling of saline solution can be potential cause for rupture. Other cause can be damage through surgical instruments, excess compression when mammography was taking place, capsular contracture among other things. Once deflation occurs there is need for another mammography to replace the prior implant.

Visible implant rippling and wrinkling

This is when the implant becomes palpable under the skin. This condition causes visible rippling. This happens when a skinny woman has got soft, thin tissues implant coverage, placement above the breast muscle and textured implants. Saline implants are prone to this condition as compared to silicone implants. Breast revision is the manner in which this condition can be corrected.

Bottoming out or implant displacement

This is a rare condition but it still exists. This complication occurs once the implant sits too low on the patient’s chest and as a result, the nipples end up being positioned a little bit higher on the breast mound. The implant may have been perfectly placed and put, but it can change shortly after or after sometime. The implant can move downward, upward, right or left. This requires another revision of the breast to take the implant back to the right position.


This is casually referred to as breadloafing, uniboob or kissing implants. It is the unnatural manner that the implant touches across the breastbone. It is mostly caused by over- dissection of the tissues around the cleavage area. The pectoral muscle lifts off the sternum allowing the implant to touch the other under the breastbone. As a result, the implant appears to be one large breast that is horizontal instead of two separate breasts. It occurs rarely but once it happens, breast revision is the only way to correct the condition and still it is a challenging condition to correct.

Other ways in which a patient can determine when to go for breast revision is when the breast tissue change after one loss or gain weight. In case the patient wants to modify implant size they need to undertake a breast revision. The patient may also want to correct the breast asymmetry which calls for breast implant revision. Once an individual wants to get rid of the breast implant permanently, the only way to do it is to go for a breast revision.

Credentials to look for when searching for a plastic surgeon

Picking the best surgeon to perform a cosmetic procedure is fundamental though it might be quite challenging. Prospective patients need to be careful in order to achieve their desired result, while at the same time avoiding any possible aftermath regrets. Almost every country around the globe has a public body that certifies and controls the work of cosmetic surgeons. Furthermore, these bodies offers the various guidelines for patients to enable them pick the right surgeons to attend to them. The bodies also provide the range of credentials to look for when searching for a cosmetic plastic surgeon:

Certification from a registered body

A surgeon’s board certification is the best evidence to confirm his or her qualification in the medical or surgical field. Always check for the certification thoroughly to verify that a board that is fully registered or recognized by the government did it. This is because there are some generic boards in various countries around the globe. These unrecognized certifying institutions normally give out certifications to surgeons who are not qualified to be in the field. Improper certifications usually lead to negative results as opposed to what the patient wanted in the first place. In this regard therefore, patients should not fear to ask for the provision of these certifications before settling for a particular surgeon.

The facility that the surgeon uses must have an official accreditation from a relevant body

A patient should really pay attention to this important credential. Generally, a cosmetic procedure can be performed safely in a hospital or an office-based surgical facility. According to a study, accredited facilities have always registered safe operations compared to those facilities that are not accredited. The main reason for this is that those facilities that have been accredited are subject to scrutiny and thus the surgeons perform their functions with due care. However, studies show that the majority of the office-based surgical facilities that are in existence are actually not accredited.


In most cases, experienced cosmetic plastic surgeons generally perform a wider range of surgeries regularly. Additionally, these surgeons are well conversant with the field and thus will always deliver quality services. However, patients should be particular when asking about a surgeon’s experience. This is because there are various considerations that need to be addressed in the process. If a patient considers a new technique for instance, he or she must inquire whether effective results have been registered before. This greatly enhances the patient’s confidence on the surgeon’s competence.

Service costs

The relevant state authorities normally determine service costs that are charged by cosmetic surgeons. Nevertheless, surgeons normally charge extra costs to meet various extra expenses. These costs may vary considerably depending largely on the surgeon’s experience, geographical factors and individual patient factors. Furthermore, not all patients are treated with the same technique. Some of the surgeries can be complex or takes longer time to be finished and thus will greatly affect the service costs. In almost all the countries in the world, cosmetic surgery is usually not covered by any insurance. This means that understanding surgical fee charged by various surgeons is very important in the sense that the patient will be able to choose what he or she affords.

Surgeon’s rapport

The most experienced surgeon is not usually the best surgeon for every patient. In this regard, any successful surgeon-patient relationship greatly depends on good communication between the two. A particular patient’s satisfaction is fully enhanced when the surgeon and the patient fully agree on the various matters that pertain to the surgical process. These matters may include the goals, expectations and the relevant techniques that will be used during the exercise. A surgeon without a good rapport will always reduce the patient’s confidence in the all process.


A good and qualified surgeon will always be thorough in his or her undertakings. A patient will assess this through consultations where an opportunity to ask questions is offered. This consultation must include a detailed discussion of the risks and the benefits of the surgery. This consultation may also involve an explanation on the medical history as well as any existing medical conditions. These factors will help the surgeon to come up with the best method to use in order to meet the needs of the patient.